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is a cost-effective and flexible transfer agent and shareholder recordkeeping system capable of processing mutual funds, hedge funds, collective funds, UIT’s, closed end funds and virtually any type of unitized investment pool.
is extremely robust and offers the perfect balance of control and compliance to provide all the necessary tools to service all of your shareholders and funds very efficiently.

Account Data

  • Ability to handle any account type (qualified and non-qualified)
  • Process any type of fund- load, no load, money market, UIT, hedge fund, collective fund
  • Tracks all financial data- balance, value, cost basis, YTD/ITD transactions, distributions
  • Transaction History: cross fund/cross account
  • Wrap Account processing with rebalancing options
  • Full multi-currency support
  • Multiple Dividend options: reinvest, cross account, cross fund, cash
  • Automatic Transactions: AIP’s, SWP’s
  • Multiple payment options: check, ACH, wire
  • Shareholder statements: multi-fund, multi-lingual, e-statements


  • Supports every transaction type (purchase, redemptions, exchanges, transfers, fees, LOI)
  • Same day trades, future settlement and AS Of’s
  • Omnibus and fully disclosed trading
  • Multiple purchase sources and payment methods supported
  • Asset Allocation trading via profile
  • Trade based rebalancing option
  • No Post “What If” trade scenarios
  • Full NSCC FundSERV services supported
  • Full Canadian FundSERV services supported
  • Trade File Import capability
  • Multi-currency trading enabled


  • Processes any type of fund: load, no load, CDSC, money market, hedge fund, UIT, collective, common trust, closed end virtually any unitized portfolio
  • Supports all commission types: loads, trailer, performance fees, negotiable
  • Distributions: dividends, income, capital gains, return of capital
  • Fund transaction rules
  • Full Multi-currency support
  • Import or enter fund prices/rates
  • Ability to process multiple fund groups


  • Assigns Dealers and Reps to accounts
  • Fund/Dealer selling agreements
  • Tracks, reports and pays Dealer/Rep commissions
  • Supports NSCC Commission Settlement service
  • Multiple Dealer payment options: check, ACH, wire
  • Ability to import Dealer/Rep data
  • Dealer/Rep sales and commission reports
  • Dealer statements
  • Account position reconciliation

Compliance and Tax Reporting

  • Short term redemption fees
  • Cost Basis tracking and reporting
  • FATCA reporting
  • Money market “breaking the buck”
  • 22c-2 omnibus account reporting through NSCC
  • Full IRS tax reporting with magnetic media files
  • Revenue Canada tax reporting
  • Revenue Australia tax reporting
  • Revenue Barbados tax reporting


FUNDS/NET includes a comprehensive set of over 100 standard reports that can be created on demand with user-defined parameters at any time by the end user.  Other reports are created as a byproduct of processes in the system. 
All reports can be browsed on the screen, printed, or a file can be produced in various formats, including tab-delimited. 

Ad Hoc Reporting is accomplished through the use of our ODBC report writer and the use of an off the shelf tool such as ACCESS, Fox Pro, or Crystal Reports. ODBC also comes with a complete data dictionary to outline the tables and fields available

Internet Access

FUNDS/e is a next generation JAVA application providing Internet access to the FUNDS/NET system through a standard web browser and has become the standard in the industry for firms wishing to distinguish themselves through superior shareholder service, operational efficiency and technological innovation.

FUNDS/e allows shareholders, brokers, reps and fund administrators to access; account balances, transaction history, pending trades, account registration information, fund prices, factors, yields and rate of return and can produce on demand e-statements.

FUNDS/e also has the ability to execute online transactions (purchases, redemptions, exchanges)

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