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is a complete NSCC Fund/SERV trading, confirmation, settlement and reconciliation application for firms which will automate and standardize the entire trading, settlement and reconciliation process with any NSCC member fund.
integrates with numerous services from the NSCC such as Fund/SERV, DCC&S, Networking, Mutual Fund Profile/Pricing, Commission Settlement and ACATS allowing firms to buy and sell fund shares through the NSCC from any member fund.
is extremely flexible for easy integration into any back end brokerage, sub-accounting or account recordkeeping system.



  • Trade with any NSCC member fund
  • Supports all NSCC trade types
  • Generates required NSCC trade Control Number
  • Automated Net Settlement of trades
  • Multi-currency trading
  • Country Specific Holiday Schedules
  • Trading rules at system and fund group levels

Account Enrollment

  • Supports B50/401 account enrollment processing
  • Supports Omnibus or fully disclosed accounts
  • Handles all Matrix Levels (including 3)

NSCC Networking

Distribution Reporting

  • Process fund distribution information from funds

Position Reporting/Reconciliation

  • Tracks the share balance for each account
  • Processes NSCC file of account share balances from funds
  • Reconcile share balances from fund against the FundTrader reported share balances and the back end account recordkeeping

Daily Activity

  • Processes all fund-originated transactions

NSCC Commission Settlement

Broker/Office/Rep/Commission Processing

  • Tracks Broker, Office, Rep names and addresses
  • Broker trading rules
  • Receives and settles Broker commissions

NSCC Mutual Fund Profile/Pricing

  • Receives fund prices/factors
  • Stores historical prices


  • Automate entire business flow with NSCC
  • Easily integrates with any back end system through standard interfaces

Security and Audit Trail

  • Operator profiles grant or  restrict access to system functions
  • Audit trail of all data changes
  • Maker/Checker functionality


FundTrader for Firms includes a comprehensive set of standard reports that can be created at any time by the end user.  FundTrader for Firms also produces reports as a byproduct of processes in the system such as importing or exporting trades.  All reports can be browsed on the screen, printed, or a file can be produced.

Ad Hoc reporting is also available through the use of our Ad-Hoc Data Extract module, which allows a user to choose the table and fields they want extracted and create a tab-delimited file of the data. 

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